Location: Ballyogan Youth Service, Co. Dublin

Theme of Mural: Just Keep Swimming!

A collaboration between Bloom | The Art Project and Ballyogan Youth Service to transform their activity rooms into relaxing, inspiring, comforting and creative spaces.



We have completed several group led projects with the Youth Service in Ballyogan since 2021 and have always enjoyed working with the young people there. This project was no different. We had a lovely workshop with the kids to help us decide upon themes, imagery and text that would fit the wall space in their activities room.

The theme chosen was underwater with the uplifting affirmation “just keep swimming” so we got to work creating a design around this.

A couple of weeks later we returned back and with the support of many little helpers we managed to get the mural done in one day! It was great to see the club members immerse themselves in painting, drifting in and out of conversation with each other as music played in the background. It was a lovely, relaxing and enjoyable activity for the young people and they were delighted with how it turned out. Until next time!