Location: Shear Hair Salon, Co. Cavan, Ireland

Key Message: True beauty exists when we decide to be our true selves.



A collaboration between Bloom | The Art Project and Shear Hair Salon to create two murals, one in the waiting area to remind customers what really makes them beautiful and another as a backdrop for photographs for customers' new and improved hairstyles.

Bloom | The Art Project collaborated with Shear Hair Salon, Co. Cavan to create a wall mural that would act as a backdrop for professional photos to be taken for customers' new and pristine hairstyles. During our first consultation with the owner of Shear Hair, she decided that she wanted something "funky" and "colourful" that would brigthen up the salon. It was also decided that a mural would be painted in the waiting area of the salon, so customers would have something nice to look at as they sat and waited. Fiona and Aisling created various moodboards to get an idea of the owner's style and then created a mural from that. Once a design was decided upon, the girls got their paintbrushes and paints and together created something bright and beautiful in the salon. The owner chose her own saying "Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself", which as very fitting for the nature of her hair salon.