Location: Bective Mill, Co. Meath

Theme of Workshop: Celebrating Samhain


Oh t’was a spooky night indeed at Bective Mill, Co. Meath for our Celebrating Samhain workshop. Kind folks from Meath, Louth, Dublin and the surrounding areas made the eerie journey to our candlelit den as the October wind and rain wreaked havoc outside.


Within our candlelit haven, a long banquet table sat front and centre, to serve as the playground for all the crafts and cunning spells that were to be cast. Wine bottles oozing with candle wax lined the tables, incense burned through the air and haunting music echoed through the marquee.


We were so excited for this workshop. Encapsulating the spirit and energy of Samhain, the old Irish Celtic Festival, was a  priority for us. Samhain Festival marked the end of the fruitful harvest, the summer months and the beginning of the darker, barren, winter months. November 1st was the Celtic New Year and a time when the border between the mortal realm and the spirit world became blurred.  Samhain celebrated both of these transitions. Rituals were held to banish menacing energy from peoples lives, fortunes were predicted and manifestations for the year ahead were made.


We drew on all these aspects of Samhain, and using music, stories, spells, tarot cards and some good old fashioned crafts a cosy and magical evening was conjured. There was time for everyone to think a little bit about themselves, their lives over the last couple of months and their desires for the future.


We were delighted to see a lovely buzz float across the table as individuals who had never met each other before chatted, laughed and danced as they created several unique pieces of spine-chilling and unearthly art.


We thank the Celtic People for such an enchanting festival but more importantly, all the lovely souls who joined us for the evening. Without all your magnificent faces the flames of fortune would have remained unlit for the coming year (What a disaster that would have been, right?!)


Anyways, same time next year, folks? (*winky face*)