Location: Cluny Secondary School, Killiney, Co. Dublin

Theme of Mural: Music, music, music and more music!


A collaboration between Cluny Transition Year students and Bloom | The Art Project to transform their music room into a fun, energetic and vibrant space!



After our lovely workshop with the TY group (you can read about it here), we delved into the world of design and were kept busy putting all the girls ideas together. Two days later, we surfaced from the haze of procreate and returned to Cluny, where we began the process of bringing the mural to life.

We sketched out the foundations of the design but left the heavy hitting to the TY group, who were eager to delve into the process of painting. We left elements of the design, such as the vinyl’s and the graffiti entirely up to the girls. They played around with their own unique ideas and worked alongside each other to make sure that there was consistency across the entire mural.

Different groups of the TY year came and went over the course of two days. They stuck on their favourite playlists and contently coated the walls, chatting away and discussing what part of the wall they should tackle next.

By the final bell on Friday afternoon, the room had taken on a completely new personality – a fun, vibrant and joyful persona. The colours popped in all the right ways and the girls were very proud of what they had achieved together.

This was a fantastic project to ease us into 2022 and we thank all the students and teachers in Cluny for inviting us to join them on their music-room-transformation.

We hope to return again soon!