Location: Drumcondra, Co. Dublin

Key Message: You can use happy memories from your past to transform a space into a warm, welcoming and magical environment.



A collaboration between Bloom | The Art Project and a private premise. The house owner wanted to incorporate some elements of a previous house he had lived in and reinvent his back garden.

It was a beautiful May weekend and Bloom | The Art Project were asked to come to a private residence and transform what was a very dreary garden shed into something that would brighten up the back garden and make it a space where family and friends could come out, sit, eat and enjoy some sunshine (whenever it decided to show itself).

We had a chat with the homeowner and he said he’d really like something that would remind him of happy times from some years ago, a time when he lived in a small cottage with a bright red door. We decided that would be that and we got planning the country cottage transformation.

It was an absolute joy to do this mural, between the sunshine and happy company, it was perfect painting conditions. The family living there loved the finished design and we hope they enjoy some very special moments this summer, in it’s company.