Location: Esker Lodge, Co. Cavan

Key Message: Cherish Our Garden and appreciate all that we have in our lives, the people, the memories, the laughter and the tears. They all make up the beautiful landscape of our lives.



A collaboration between Bloom | The Art Project and Esker Lodge Nursing home to provide an uplifting and welcoming space for residents to relax and reconnect.


We were delighted to return to Esker Lodge Nursing home a short 3 weeks after our initial visit, where we hosted a workshop for the residents (read more about it here). We couldn’t have asked for a sunnier week to coat the walls with some bold and vibrant colours. The theme of the Mural was “Our Garden” and it stemmed from the workshop we hosted and the insights we received from the residents during it. We decided to use the word “CHERISH” as the foundation for the mural that stretched across the lengthy wall. Cherish symbolized the collective appreciation that we can all have for the memories we have harvested throughout the garden of our lives. The flowers and foliage we incorporated into the mural represent our loved ones and moments of laughter, sunshine and difficulty that decorate our lives.

Without a doubt, nursing homes were one of the most impacted populations of  the COVID -19 pandemic. The isolation that occurred to keep residents safe simultaneously caused quite a lot of stress and difficulty for all involved. We were very impressed by the staff at Esker Lodge and their commitment on the residents and their collective recovery from the stress of COVID-19. One day in particular as we were perched on the balcony floor painting away we heard music drift up towards us. We peered below and were delighted to see an outoor party for all the residents taking place. The DJ was familiar with many of the residents and lots of personal favorites were played. There was ice cream and dancing and a sense of contentment in the air.

We hoped to stir a similar sense of excitement and happiness through our mural. The residents would often pop out to have a look and take some time to watch the painting unravel. We received lots of kind comments and rest assured we were loving it!

Four days later (including some early starts, late evenings, many cups of tea and plenty of sandwiches) we put on the last few licks of paint. Residents & Staff members came out to have a look at the finished piece and we loved seeing their eyes widen and jaws drop as they took in the new space and how it had been transformed into something special, bright and welcoming.

We hope that all the residents can enjoy the new space, use it to reconnect with each other and reflect fondly on their lives thus far, their loved ones and all the special memories they have created.