Location: Foroige Navan, Co. Meath

Key Message: Celebrating Foroige - all the activities they run and the opportunities they provide for their members!


A collaboration between Bloom | The Art Project and Foroige Navan to create a mural that would brighten up their newly renovated outside area with imagery that represents the club spirit.

Being two Navan based women we were delighted to get involved with the local Foroige Club in the town. As usual we facilitated a workshop with some of the young people to get some insights into their thoughts around their club, how it makes them feel being part of the community there and what activities they get up to. This was to help us create a mural that represented them, their club and the enjoyment they get from being there.

We arrived back a couple of weeks later in the sunny summer sunshine to co-paint the mural alongside the young people. Many breaks were had to consume some much needed ice-cream and water but over the course of two evenings the mural had been brought to life fully by the eager hands of the youth club members!


Chatting, laughing, painting, taking frequent breaks and creating a permanent soul filled art piece is what transpired from this project and we really enjoyed every step of the process.


We hope to return to Foroige Navan for more art adventures in the near future!