Location: Gaelscoil Bhaile Munna, Co. Dublin

Key Message: Embracing the magic of Irish wildlife and all the little creatures who come to say hello in the school yard!


A collaboration between Bloom | The Art Project and Gaelscoil Bhaile Munna to transform the back of the school yard into a playful, engaging and enchanting mural featuring two huge friendly foxes, dancing among leaves and butterflies.

Having completed a handful of nature themed murals for several schools in the Ballymun area, we were delighted to have been contacted by another principal of a school in the region. A lovely and lively Gaelscoil located in the heart of the village, we were very excited to meet some of the students and hear about their ideas.

We facilitated a workshop to listen to the students thoughts, figure out emerging themes and to have a look through drawings they had completed over the previous few days in preparation.

Workshops are always a lovely way for us to get to know the students, hear what they have to say and involve them in the process.

The theme of nature, with the central imagery being a fox emerged. Words representing the school were also to be included. We love this type of mural, simple, big and nature based.

As we were working at a height for this mural, it was completed by ourselves. With the help of a little cherry picker, the mural soon came to life decorated with two playful and inspiring foxes, surrounded by falling leaves and colourful butterflies.

This could be one of our favourite murals to date simply because of the size and simplicity. We hope the staff and students get much joy from this mural over the coming years.