Location: Swords, Co. Dublin

Key Message: Friendship, learning, respect, joy, Gaeilge and much much more. All the things that make Gaelscoil Bhrian Bóroimhe so special.



A collaboration between Bloom | The Art Project and Gaelscoil Bhrian Bóroimhe, creating a mural to showcase the school as a whole, their values, attitudes and activities.


We were very lucky to have been welcomed to Gaelscoil Bhrian Bóroimhe to help bring some sparkle to their yard space. Our brief for this project was to brainstorm with the students, to dig beneath the surface of the school, in order to find what was truly important to them and their values as a school community. It would have been easy to summarise the school in terms of GAA and Gaeilge but there was much more depth to the school and this was visible from the moment we stepped into their hallways.

Over the course of the workshop we were schooled on our Gaeilge (or lack thereof), by a very impressive group of students. It didn't take long for us to realise that years away from the classroom left our Gaeilge brain isolated, lonely and very very very rusty. We carried on anyways, despite our obvious shortfalls! After a bit of discussion and lots of drawing, the students came up with a simplistic, inclusive and authentic design idea, bringing together every aspect of the school.

A week or so later, we arrived back, spray paints and scaffolding at the ready. We were delighted to get started and bring the various characters to life. We danced across the wall, enjoying using bold and bright colours against the faded orange backdrop. As always, bouts of rain heckled us at various stages but the oh too cute admirations of the students kept us going. "Tá sé go halainn!!!"  and "O mo Dhia!" were echoed a few times.- Go raibh maith agat for keeping us going kiddos!!

Staff and students alike seemed sonas sásta (yeah, you heard me! They were delighted!!) with the finished piece. Colour, life and vibrancy radiated from the wall. Friendship, care, respect, togetherness, fun and learning were some of the themes and ideas woven into the design and combined they ignited the yard.

We hope this mural acts as a bright, playful and encouraging backdrop to the fun, creativity and care of Gaelscoil Bhrian Bóroimhe.