Location: Holy Spirit BNS, Co. Dublin

Key Message: Embracing the magic of Irish wildlife and all the little creatures who come to say hello in the school yard!


A collaboration between Bloom | The Art Project and Holy Spirit BNS to transform three cement slabs at the back of the school yard into a playful, engaging and enchanting mural featuring lots of friendly creatures.

Holy Spirit BNS is a lovely school located in Ballymun, Co. Dublin. As always, we were very excited for this project. Particularly because of the canvas that we were able to play around with. Three big, flat, bare cement slabs with endless potential.

The principal chatted to us about the little creatures, particularly a playful fox, that frequented the yard. As well as this, having seen our mural in OLV (check it out here) she was sure that she wanted to go with a nature theme, something that the kids could interact with and feel safe around. We happily obliged. Creating nature themed murals is our favourite thing to do. Bloom was inspired by flowers, how they grow, blossom and how fantastic and uplifting they look when painted on a wall.(Fun fact of the day!)


Three walls, three enthusiastic ladies, some unpredictable weather (as usual!) and hella spray paint were the magic ingredients for this mural. It was at the very end of the school year and spirits were high in both students and staff. It was a lively yard and we enjoyed painting amongst the chaos of the little lads running around, playing football and questioning us on the creatures coming to life on their beloved walls.

Deers, rabbits, hares and a very content looking fox are some of the new residents of Holy Spirit BNS. They look right at home in the yard and I’m sure they will provide endless joy, light and comfort for many years to come.