The main motivation for what we do is bringing people together, providing a space for people to connect in an easy and fun way. We have seen first hand how plopping yourself beside someone you may or may not know for an evening, with a paintbrush in hand, can provide a lovely avenue for relaxed, free flowing conversation, as well as the odd bit of slagging and craic.

From this, our monthly events in The Circular, Co. Dublin and The Central, Navan were born. These events are the perfect environment for sound folks to come together, leave their phones aside, detach from the somewhat depraved nature of the outside world and instead, delve into their innate creativity and explore what lays there for them.

Each month we introduce a new theme to the lovely folks attending. Every theme stems from a feeling or reflection that we’d like the participants to explore. We love delving into the common links between different art forms and human psychology. This is always the foundation of our workshops. Using these links, we try to find ways for participants to engage with art for personal reflection, mindfulness and connecting with others.

Our emphasis is always on the process, focusing on how you’re feeling while you’re partaking in the activities instead of the final piece. Being skilled in art is not a requirement in any capacity, we aim to show people that there is so much to be got from just giving it a go.

We are not art teachers, so these workshops will never be lessons in fine art. Instead, we use our education in art therapy to create thought – provoking and contemplative activities, that allow us to tap into our own specific experiences to create art personal to us.