Location: Moyne Community School, Co. Longford

Key Message: Dream Big, Imagine More, Grow Together


A collaboration between Bloom | The Art Project and the students of Moyne Community School to create a mural that could showcase to the entire school their talent, values and ideas.

We travelled to the might County of Longford and by god was it a frosty week! Cold hands and helpful heads popped out of their scheduled classes to partake in creating a mural that spoke the words they collectively came up with at the workshop just two days prior.

Indeed, we had just one day to ruminate on and collate the ideas that were brought forward during the workshop. The students made it a very easy job for us as the themes, images and ideas that they discussed were all equally bold, imaginative and inspiring.

During the workshop there were discussions about what the students wanted the mural to represent. These statements intertwined with the imagery development side of things culminated in some really defined elements that collectively brought the mural to life;


Discussions about the students futures, achievements, accomplishments and aspirations were a focal point of the workshop. In conjunction with the concept of their future, some amazing imagery were designed by the students. In particular, an astronaut reflecting a dream like space landscape encapsulated this idea perfectly. Dream big and reach for the stars.


We were delighted to see the students think outside the box when it came to developing imagery for the mural. It can often be that the most unusual image can actually be a perfect depiction of what is trying to be portrayed. There was talk about how Moyne Community School is a place that stimulates and encourages students to learn, think differently and use their imagination. After seeing several students develop imagery of Dragons we knew that this would work really well in portraying this message. Imagine more!


When talking to the students about what they wanted this mural to represent, arguably the most popular opinion was friendship. It was obvious that the connections and relationships that the students had in school were a central part of their experience. Personal growth, nature, development were themes that echoed in all the students designs. Representing this through two hands from which a seed is sprouting, encapsulated all these elements. On the day one of the students made the excellent call to paint each of the finger nails of the hands a different colour. We loved it.

All in all, we had such a wonderful experience in Moyne Community School. We left genuinely inspired by the students, their vision and their talent. We wish those leaving the school this coming year all the best and hope to see those who remain again, very soon!