Location: St. Albies School, Co. Tipperary

Theme of Mural: A Celebration and welcome to St. Albies School


We were delighted to have fellow Muralist and Sign - Painter expert Meghan McDermott around for this project! Via Meghan's super-van (the dream van) we made our way down (or across?) to Co. Tipperary for this very short, one day project. Having gotten the design approved by the staff and students of St. Albies beforehand, we landed down ready and raring to go.

There were approximately 60 students involved in the project. Because of the volume of students, we crafted a timetable with the art teacher that would give everyone an even and equal amount of time to decorate the mural. Everything was organised and planned and then - RAIN! Of course, in typical Irish fashion, the rain landed - and didn't leave. All day, it blustered and poured but kudos to the students who got their rain gear on and braved the elements nonetheless. A testament to their hard work and enthusiasm to keep on trucking despite the less than favourable conditions.

The end product was fabulous, a true and joyful depiction of students and life at St. Albies.