Location: St. Patrick's Special School, Co. Kilkenny

Theme of Workshop: "Together, We"



We absolutely loved visiting St. Patrick's Special Needs School Kilkenny. We were invited to run a workshop with some of the senior classes. The theme of the workshop was "Together, We" and together, the students brainstormed, collaborated and created a beautiful canvas that represents their collective connection and strength.

We found the theme of "Together, We" was really well received by both staff and students alike, as just over a year of staggered schooling and isolation has left everyone feeling slightly disconnected.

We were blown away by the finished piece and it will be hung up in the school hallways as a reminder to students and staff that Together, they make a very strong, resilient and connected community.

Running workshops such as these in schools is a top priority for us. There is no doubt how uplifting these collaborative creative days can be for both students and staff alike. Being involved in activities where everyone is brainstorming together, sharing ideas and sharing paintbrushes leaves participants with a sense of fulfilment and community. It really is the essence of what we ever hope to achieve!