Location: Co. Wexford & Co. Cork

Key Message: Be part of the conversation in fighting climate change!


A collaboration between Bloom | The Art Project, Waterford Walls and The Steam Education Project to create a design based off the winning entries of a competition created by The Steam Project to support and engage primary school students with positive climate action.

Steam Education Ireland is a brilliant organisation that provides students with opportunities to learn about science, technology, engineering, arts and maths. For this particular project they focused their attention on green energy and climate change. They encouraged students from all over Ireland to submit designs relating to green energy and climate change that would win their school a mural, based off the designs they themselves created. This was to create a conversation and a new approach to the pressing issue and allow students to consider helpful alternatives to fossil fuels and harmful pollutants.



The kind folks at Waterford Walls put us in touch with Steam Ed and from there we visited two schools, one in Co. Wexford and the second in Co. Cork. Our mission was to work with the students to bring their powerful designs to life. The students came out at various times during the day to experiment with spray paints, and put their mark on the wall.

Given the enthusiasm and spirit of the students both murals were completed in one day but will be a reminder of what they can achieve together for many years to come.

Working on a project like this is extremely empowering and motivating for us. Climate change is an issue that affects us all and we are passionate about bringing awareness and making change in whatever ways we can. Murals and art are a fantastic conversation starter. As a permanent fixture on the wall, the mural cannot be easily ignored. More importantly, the message at it's heart will hopefully filter through students and parents and into communities so that change can occur.