Location: St. Pauls Primary School Navan

Key Message: "Everything that is real was imagined first" take a step inside your imagination, be inspired, be creative and get lost in the world of words.




A collaboration between Bloom | The Art Project and St. Pauls as we worked together to create a magical sanctuary where the students imaginations can run wild and be inspired by the various creatures, real and imagined.


St. Pauls Primary School in Navan was recently renovated, making the transition from prefabs to a beautiful new building. The newness of the building meant that the walls were white and bare and that they needed an injection of character and soul. And that’s when we stepped in!

We were brought into their new library space, where thousands (literally!!) of books will decorate the shelves and book stands, stories and characters oozing from each page and making their way into the minds of the little ones. We held workshops with a small group of representatives from each class, developing out ideas relating to their favorite books and stories and the characters who inhabited them. The students were certainly not short of ideas and we had plenty to work with going into the design process.

Painting began and we quickly realised that this mural was going to take a little longer than we had anticipated, by far one of our most detailed murals to date! The intricacies of this project lay in the differences between each wall, seen below.

Enchanted Forest

This wall was the cause of many an “oohhh” and “aaahhhhh” from the students as they passed by the library windows. Packed full of some very familiar faces, we tried to incorporate as many characters as possible so that every time the pupils planted their eyes on it they might see something they missed before.

Creatures, characters and mythical beasts!

This crazy, wild and wonderful wall is packed full of creatures real and imagined. Some of the animals and people scattered in the midst of all the colour represent the musicals that St. Pauls performed over the last few years. Others are symbolic of the magic of imagination and the beauty of getting lost in the adventure of a good story.

Everything that is real was Imagined first!

This quote from Margery Williams really encapsulated the spirit of the murals in the library. Picking up a book and getting lost in the awe-inspiring worlds that ignite the pages is the first step in inspiring us to use our own imaginations and creativity.

We hope this mural is an oasis of joy, adventure and imagination for the students over the next few years!

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