Location: Decoy Country Cottages, Navan, Co. Meath

Key Message: Honoring the mysticism and magic of Ancient Irish Faeries.



A collaboration between Bloom | The Art Project and Decoy Country Cottages to create two murals which would symbolise and represent the rich history that surrounds the area.

Located a short distance from the Hill of Tara, Decoy Country Cottages encapsulates some of the magic that Tara is renowned for. Tara was the sacred place of dwelling for the gods and was the entrance to the otherworld. It was famously known as the inauguration site of the ancient high kings of Ireland and is steeped in deep mysticism. We wanted to capture some of this magic in our mural design.

The theme for this design stems from the rich Celtic heritage surrounding Decoy Country Cottages and its proximity to The Hill of Tara. We wanted to draw on the enchanting mythology of the Tuatha Dé Dannan, a magical race with supernatural powers from which the legendary Faerie Folk of Ireland were born. The Hill Of Tara was said to be their capital. They disappeared after an invasion and built their own kingdoms underground within several hills around Ireland, never to be part of the mortal realm again.

Hidden from the prying human eye, their presence was still very much alive above the hills and through the land. They could bestow the greatest of fortune, or misfortune on those who crossed their paths, depending on the how those individuals respected the ancient heritage of their sacred land.

We wanted to focus on the positive and protective nature of these Faeries, who could bring truthfulness, generosity and loyalty to their place of rest. We chose to represent this through the Faeries playful and protective nature with the animals at Decoy and the safety they bring, by being a silent observer, hidden away out of sight, within the flowers but still very much active in keeping misfortune at bay.

The Two Faeries of Decoy

They are a rare sighting, to behold.

But be it known, that Decoy Cottages, is their home.

Hailed from the family of Tuatha Dé Danann,

The capital of whom, lay not far from you.

Above the hills and through the trees,

Their home was once Teamhair na Rí.

T’was not a hard a decision, for them to lay their wings here.

Among the trees they sleep, without a fuss or fear.

They arise every morning, at the cusp of dawn.

When not a soul is stirring, only the birds sweet song.

Above the cottages they float, protectors of the day.

Good luck and good fortune, passing through the doorway.

Their loyalty and generosity are given, to those who truly care.

Those who treat them with respect, live in their thoughts and prayer.

Above the alpacas they dance, freely their spirits soar.

Can you think of better companions?

Of which, I know no more.

From here they find some flowers, into which they flake.

They listen to the chickens cluck, and the residents awake.

They watch on in comfort knowing, with big smiles on their face,

That they have played their part, in keeping Decoy safe.