Why Bloom | The Art Project?

Bloom|The Art Project uses art and creativity to promote and foster positive mental health and wellbeing in local communities. We are two girls with a dream to use our paints and paintbrushes to simply make people smile. Our goal is to make the world a little lighter and brighter.

We facilitate projects to provide a safe space for people to come together, to explore their creativity and to express themselves. Our murals are designed to inspire positivity and hope within local communities, gentle reminders to be kind to ourselves. We like to work in collaboration with local communities, schools, businesses and families to explore themes that are meaningful to them.



Our online art workshops encourage people to tap into their creative sides and to do art for the love and enjoyment of it. Its all about having fun and doing something purely for you (self-care = self-love). We use these workshops to show that you don’t have to be a professional or create a master-piece to reap the benefits of doing art.



The founders of Bloom|The Art Project, Fiona and Aisling, have always had a passion for art and creativity. They both come from scientific backgrounds where Fiona studied Psychology and Art Therapy and Aisling studied Neuroscience. From their work, they could see first hand how art and creativity benefits both the community and the individual. Now, they want to use their knowledge and experience to connect people together and to inspire growth and positive change. Their projects transform public spaces, empowers young people to discover deeper self-awareness and help bring about positive change within local communities.